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This is not a destination focused purely on ITSM, but a site that embraces all things IT and the ways that IT impacts the business both good and bad. From buzzwords like DevOps, Lean IT and the rest, to the latest and greatest in tech tools, service management, project management and best practice frameworks of all flavours. Our goal is to deliver the one destination that has everything you need if you are concerned about the value business gets from IT. So welcome to AllThingsITSM and let us know how we are doing by tweeting us at @AllThingsITSM or by dropping us an email at

A 'cracker of a conference' – Wellington, New Zealand, July 2016
Twelve IT organizations came together in Wellington New Zealand last week to hold what I would have to say was a real ‘cracker’ of a conference.

One question that does need to be answered was posed by the first keynote of the conference, Ian Taylor of Animation Research Limited (ARL) – why are there 12 organizations and 12 different acronyms? There is real strength in numbers and

“The Matrix is everywhere; it is all around us, even now in this very room…”

Many of you will recognize the above as the beginning of a scene from The Matrix, in which Morpheus asks Neo if he wants to know what “it” is. In the article to follow, I am offering you this choice too, except I will tell you a bit about the IT Services Matrix – social misinformation that has been pulled over

In my quest for the Nobel prize for IT Paradigmology, I’ve been trying to come up with equivalent of an E=MC2 for IT. The topic that I most recently had in mind is an expression for the value that organizations get from their investments in information systems. This post takes you through my thinking and gives you five questions that probe the value that you’re currently getting from your information systems.
My thinking is that there

Rearranging the Deckchairs on the Titanic
From time to time I give a talk called ‘Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic’ for project managers. For instance, for the PMI communities in Singapore and Poland. The title is a reference to how some project managers are so focused on delivering the project output, that they neglect to ensure that the project outcome is realized. It’s a shame to see a good ship sink due to an unforeseen

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