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A Preview
I’m honored to be speaking at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco this November. My talk will be on “Influencing Higher Education to Create the Future DevOps Workforce”

As I’ve discussed elsewhere, our education system is a bit behind the curve in responding to digital transformation and underpinning practices such as Agile, DevOps, and Cloud.

Academics are paying attention. For the past 6 months I have been co-leading a team of 11 teaching faculty in

What is configuration management?
People (at least some people) have always been aware that knowing where things are and how things work together are good things to be mindful of. It’s why some have always been attracted to maps and puzzles (which are sometimes the same thing), and have that urge to disassemble and reassemble things. Of course, not everyone feels that way - which is why when you mention “configuration management”, many still conjure up

An interesting question
AXELOS recently posed a question on their website Community Area.  It was a Founding Members Challenge.  Aimed at promoting discussion and debate, the question posed asked about how you would give a new person “Barry” some advice when considering whether ITIL ® was the best framework for the business?  So let’s consider the question more, as it is one that I have been asked many times, as I am sure other practitioners have.


Reviewed by Karen Ferris
Whether you are starting on your service request catalogue journey or looking to improve your existing service request catalogue – STOP NOW – read this book first

This publication will avoid you making the same mistakes I have seen so many organisations regarding service request catalogues.

This is a concise and pragmatic guide to creating a successful online customer experience.

More and more organisations are being asked to do more with less and that drives

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