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Welcome to AllThingsITSM.

This is not a destination focused purely on ITSM, but a site that embraces all things IT and the ways that IT impacts the business both good and bad. From buzzwords like DevOps, Lean IT and the rest, to the latest and greatest in tech tools, service management, project management and best practice frameworks of all flavours. Our goal is to deliver the one destination that has everything you need if you are concerned about the value business gets from IT. So welcome to AllThingsITSM and let us know how we are doing by tweeting us at @AllThingsITSM or by dropping us an email at

Leveraging tools to aid adoption
Agile, DevOps, LeanIT, ITSM, CyberSecurity, Big Data - these are just some of the practices that have burst on to the scene as ‘buzzwords’ over the past several years. These are now some of the biggest drivers of corporate IT initiatives. What they have in common is that they all have significant dependence on changing the organizational culture in order to succeed.

Adoption comes only with fundamental shifts to how everyone within

Stop acting like you work in IT
Are you still working in an IT department that is physically and culturally separated from the "real" business? Does the business develop their strategy in one room, while you work on the IT capabilities to support that in another, hoping that the two parts will be able to marry up successfully at the end of the day?

I wrote a blog on this issue some four years ago, and things

When the business is the IT service provider
Your organisation might not be a unicorn like Amazon and Netflix but there’s a likelihood that it’s a digital enterprise. That’s an enterprise with which customers – and other stakeholders – have non-trivial interactions via a digital interface. This may be in addition to old-fashioned personal interactions. In a service economy or experience economy, the enterprise’s success strongly depends on how the customer feels before, during and after

The concept of the digital enterprise has been on my mind for quite a while. As a consumer and citizen, I deal with public and private organizations via their digital holograms. While some interactions are convenient, others are frustrating. I’ve explored this in Uncompromising algorithms + inconsiderate humans = poor service. From my professional perspective as The IT Paradigmologist, I’m interested in how managing IT in a digital enterprise differs from a traditional enterprise, and

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