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This is not a destination focused purely on ITSM, but a site that embraces all things IT and the ways that IT impacts the business both good and bad. From buzzwords like DevOps, Lean IT and the rest, to the latest and greatest in tech tools, service management, project management and best practice frameworks of all flavours. Our goal is to deliver the one destination that has everything you need if you are concerned about the value business gets from IT. So welcome to AllThingsITSM and let us know how we are doing by tweeting us at @AllThingsITSM or by dropping us an email at
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Organizing DevOps
Topconf’s second annual Baltic DevOps conference in Tallinn in May attracted 120 attendees who could choose between talks of a technical nature (which attracted 80% of the attendees), and talks about how to organize DevOps. As a member of the programme committee, I had advised about the content of the organizational track. We had compiled an interesting mix of speakers and presentations, and this is a summary of some of the points that resonated

On a trip to Helsinki in April 2016 to speak at the ICT Expo, a two-day trade show attended by 5000 visitors, I had the opportunity to catch up with ITSM legend Aale Roos. I’ve known Aale for more years than we both care to acknowledge, and it had been quite a while since we last spoke about life, death and ITSM. We had a sunny break in the dismal weather and Aale was kind

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Once again, AllthingsITSM have been invited back to ServiceNow's global user conference, Knowledge® 16 in Las Vegas  to record interviews with the “movers and shakers” of the IT and the ServiceNow® ecosystem. We are honored that this technology giant recognizes us as an integral part of bringing their message to the community at large through our video interviews.

We are equally thrilled to have had amazing sponsors lining up to take part. We could not participate

Understanding the difference between ITIL vs ITSM and the difference between Help Desk vs IT Service Desk is important if an organization wants to have a clear and accurate view of how it currently provides IT support. This type of knowledge is important for setting short-term and long-term goals for IT Service Management organizations that are planning to adopt ITIL best practices.
In the 1980’s, there was a need for IT Service Management best practices since

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